Life Coach

What is a Life Coach and Do I Need One?

what is a life coach?

★ A life coach is a professional who advises and encourages clients to reach their highest potential. They do this through different forms of talk therapy to help their clients create attainable goals in their life, career, and business.

★ Many successful and powerful entrepreneurs and professionals utilize life coaches to help set a guide to achieve their goals.

★ Just like any sports coach, the goal is to push clients into thinking outside of themselves and look at the bigger picture.

★ Life coaches are thought to be a combination of a therapist, motivational speaker, and consultant rolled into one complete package.


You may wonder why does working with a life coach work?


★ Accountability

Above all, life coaches provide accountability. When a person is held accountable for their thoughts and actions, they tend to follow the right course naturally. Life coaches hold their client accountable by weekly to monthly check-ins to ensure the correct path toward achieving their goal is being taken. People tend to work harder when they know someone is right there on the sideline cheering them on.

★ Achieve more goals

 Clients who work with life coaches tend to create and achieve more goals than those who do not. A life coach understands how to set appropriate goals and structure your personal and business life in a way to better achieve those goals. When working with a life coach, most clients achieve more goals in less time than if they did not.


 Life coaches are natural motivational speakers. They know how to use the right words to motivate you to greatness. This is typically through voice or video calls weekly to monthly based on individual plans. A call is not always easy as life coaches will challenge you to think bigger and better. In the end, you will feel uplifted by your call and look forward to future calls with your life coach.

★ Versatility

 Just about anyone can work with a life coach, whether you are a professional, executive, manager, small business owner, self-employed, or a home-maker. A life coach can assist anyone, at any level, to achieve their goals to tap into their fullest potential.

★ Feeling stuck?

If you are not in the place you want to be, working with a life coach would be an excellent opportunity for you to get to where you want to be. A life coach can help break down the barriers you have built and challenge you to work harder to achieve your goals.


What life coaching is not

Life coaching is not therapy If you have unresolved issues that prevent you from taking the next step in something greater, you may be referred to see a licensed therapist until you can move past the issue.

★ Typically, life coaching clients are healthy and successful people who need guidance to reach the next level in their life.

A life coach is not a friend. For a life coach to work effectively, they need to be professional and objective when working with a client. It is easy to feel as though your life coach is your friend as they provide you support and understanding, but they a strictly a professional trying to help you achieve greatness.

A life coach is not afraid to tell you the truth, even when it may hurt, but they will continue to be there with you as you process and work through that truth.


So, do you need a life coach?

Are you ready to take the next step in your life to where you wish you were?

Do you feel limited by your own beliefs to reach the next level?

★ If you said yes to any of these, then you would benefit from working with a life coach. A life coach will help you create momentum and make more focused and effective actions daily.

★ A life coach will be with you during this journey and allow you to feel more freedom and less burden on the way to achieving your goals.

Are you ready to take the plunge or do you have any questions on how a life coach can help you?

★ Sign up for a free 15-minute consultation and let’s get started on your journey toward a more fabulous you!