7 Meditation Benefits to Live a Happy Life

7 Meditation Benefits to Live a Happy Life


There are so many health benefits for practicing meditation. Thousands of years ago, people would meditate to slow down their world and find their center. Now, millions of people all around the world meditate regularly.

Meditation supports and transforms the mind, body, and spirit. Meditation can be easy to do and quick to master if one is ready to commit to giving themselves this time. Here are 7 great benefits to how meditation can help you live a happy life.


Meditation Benefits



1. Reduce Stress

  • Stress is the body’s way of responding to a threat.
  • Excessive stress can lead to other ailments and conditions.
  •  It is natural to have stress on and off throughout your life, but prolonged exposure can lead to major health problems.
  •  Meditation involving mindfulness allows the individual to sit quietly and let go of the stressors they are experiencing.
  • Over time, meditation can rewire the structuring of the brain and increase concentration, peace, and productivity.


2. Decrease Anxiety

  • Anxiety takes the form of excessive worrying about the future and/or past.  
  • Anxiety is a silent monster sitting on your doorstep waiting to pounce.
  • Worrying is a natural response to dangerous situations, but those who have anxiety can excessively worry about irrational things.
  • Anxiety and stress combined, wreak havoc on the body’s immune system and overall health by triggering the “flight or fight” stress response regularly.
  • Meditation shrinks the region of the brain that controls the “flight or fight” response, allowing less stress response to everyday living situations.
  • For people suffering from anxiety, meditation has found to decrease stress hormones and inflammatory response when faced with stressful situations.


3. Reduce Depression

  •  Depression alters an individual’s mind to no longer find joy in things.
  • Depression can cause significant impairments in daily activities of living.
  • A person who is suffering from depression no longer wants to engage with others and often leads to hopelessness and despair.
  • Depression is connected to two neurotransmitters in the brain; serotonin and norepinephrine.
  • When serotonin and norepinephrine become too low, one feels overwhelming sadness, which leads to depression
  • Meditation helps to naturally boost both serotonin and norepinephrine to healthy depression-resistant levels.


4. Lower High Blood Pressure

  • Chronic high blood pressure can lead to heart disease and/or stroke.
  • Smoking, alcohol, stress, being overweight, low activity levels, and excess salt can all contribute to high blood pressure.
  • During mediation, the pulse rates drop, and the levels of nitric oxide increase.
  • Nitric oxide increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure.
  • Meditation allows an individual to manage their blood pressure in a natural way.


5. Lessen Chronic Pain

  • Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain regularly.

  • Pain management typically involves the use of highly addictive opiates.
  • As stated earlier, meditation can change brain structure and patterns.
  • Of the brain patterns affected, the perception of discomfort can be restructured to decrease the pain felt by the meditating individual.
  • Meditation can help reduce pain intensity and restore overall happiness.
  • Many pregnant women utilize meditation practices when in labor to help reduce pain and experience relief.

6. Help Smoking Cessation

  • In order to quit smoking, an individual must want to quit.
  • Meditation helps to reduce overall cravings to help with smoking cessation.
  • Meditating allows a person to be more aware of their habits.
  • When a person is more in tune with their habits, they are more likely to improve self-control and induce more relaxation.
  • A relaxed person is less likely to light up a cigarette to unwind.


7. Support Weight Loss

  • Stress and anxiety are highly related to being overweight.
  • Excessive stress and anxiety lead to higher levels of cortisol in the body, which in turn lead to being overweight.
  • With mediation positively affecting stress and anxiety, in turn, it would also decrease emotional eating.
  • Meditation helps to regulate metabolism and cortisol levels to support weight loss and maintenance.
  • Practicing meditation and mindful eating will help positively affect weight, health, and general relationship with food.


With so many health benefits to meditation, why wouldn’t you want to give it a try? Start with an amount of time that is comfortable for you. Commit to taking time out of every day to meditate. Taking this time for yourself with benefit you and those around you in so many ways. I want you to give it a try right now and then let me know how it went in the comments below.